My Aim

I am willing to open a boutique because I realized that theres a gap in South Africa when it comes to plus size fashion.Plus Size women are neglected .Most of the stores that cater for plus size women have small sections and again those clothes are not trendy & flattering and I guess most of us just buy for the sake of covering our bodies and that lowers our self-esteem more.

My aim is to sell plus size clothing which are trendy ,flatter every women’s full figure, boost confidence and self-esteem.Most plus size clothing are expensive and other prices are unreasonable.I want to meet my plus size customers half way by placing prices which are affordable and a lay-bye option will be available, of paying two months without any interests.I am going to ship to anywhere in South Africa but later on it will be globally. Boutique’s account is available on instagram where I will be posting available items, feature plus-size women and interact with them.This site is for posting items also,fashion tips and posts about anything concerning being a plus-size.

Thank you for reading!


3 thoughts on “My Aim

  1. leopardprint_lioness says:

    Wow! Yes please! Im so with you on this. Looking at the existing plus size stores/brands, the clothes are not flattering – either the cut, pattern or material just does not work. And yes, price wise it’s just unaffordable. I fully support you and look forward to seeing your clothes to try them out.

    All the best!

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