Body Shape Series:Apple

Most people think that the only beautiful shapes are pear and hourglass because they have a defined waist and they are bottom heavy. Other shapes are beautiful too but more if clothes which are suitable are chosen .Many women tend to choose clothes which are not that suitable/look good for their shapes. There are clothes which look good for other shapes and not good for other shapes.

I take this moment to focus on ‘Apple Body Shape’

As a quick reminder they have:

-No defined waist.

-Weight tends to form on the stomach.

-Average to large bust size.

To be honest this is not the easiest body shape to dress as many women with this shape will be well aware of but theres nothing to worry about.
There are garments which are good for apple such as:

-Dresses should have their waistline just below the bust or at your thinnest point.

-Tops that highlight your body at the slimmest which is underneath your bust and they should have a V-neck.

-A jacket that fits your shoulders perfectly and coats that have a belt to create a waistline.

-A must have accessory is a Belt because it create a waistline.
Stay away from:

-Big jackets which are shapeless and don’t have waistline.

-Bulky trousers with lots of pockets and zippers at the front.

-Tight clingy T-shirts.

-Avoid wearing everything in one colour

A well known plus-size model Fluvia Larceda wearing a waistline dress.

Actress Amber Riley used a belt to creat a waistline (remember I said belt is a must have accessory).

Make a wise choice and stay beautiful.


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