Body Shape Series:Pear

Firstly I would like to thank all those who’ve been visiting our site and reading our blogs,we truly appreciate it.
Today we will be focusing on Pear Shape!
A pear shape’s characteristics are:

-Full hips or thighs, maybe saddle bags

-A defined waist.

-Big booty

-Shoulders that are narrower than hips.

-A small top half as well as small bust.

-Tend to gain more weight around thighs and hips.
Clothes which best suit pear shape:

-Pear shaped women should

focus on the upper part of their

body by choosing slim, fitted tops, button-down

shirts and cardigans.

-High waisted skirts,pants and jeans that will expose their defined waists more.

-Wear tunic tops or dresses that fits properly.

-Wear jackets that end above your hips and they should make your shoulders broad.

-A crop top that fits your waist properly.

-Bodycon dresses are also a good way to go because they fit perfectly and accommodate your waist,hips and booty nicely.

– Cargo pants

-Pants with funky pockets or embroidery.


Garner Style


Gabi Fresh



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