Body Shape Series:Banana

AKA Rectangle

Body characteristics as follows:

-Your shoulders, waist and hips are all about the same width.

-You have a small- medium bust

-You are balanced and your waist is not defined.

-You tend to put on weight in the stomach especially after menopause.
I don’t know why some people don’t find this body shape attractive.I guess its because they don’t have curves but believe you me they can look absolutely gorgeous.
This body shape is best suit with:

-Tops and jackets that emphasize the


-Wear a belted coat.

Tops that are boat neck /scooped neck.

-Highlight with a statement necklace.

-Jackets that taper and end right below the waist create curves (A belted jacket is the best).

-You will likely look good in A line dresses and pencil skirts.

-Loose dresses with waist defining belts.

-Skinny jeans will look good on your body type.

-Flared trousers will also look great on you as it will add more shape to your body.

-Wear round pumps and flats.

– Plain straight dresses in plain colors.

-Avoid shapeless clothes.

-Avoid anything that is boxy.



Queen Latifah


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