Fashion Wishlist

My 21 ‘Fashion Wishlist’

  1. Swimsuit, “You want to know a secret? I’ve never owned a swimsuit. It will be for the first time ever!”
  2. Knitted sweater dress, “I once saw them in one of the stores but my size was not available, I badly want these sweaters .”
  3. Black chunky heels, “I will rejoice the day I find & buy them.”
  4. Any fabric printed dress, “Not the exact dress but flower printed dress.”
  5. Denim tunic dress, “To wear and have something unique.”

  1. Black leather pencil skirt.
  2. Denim dress shirt, “Something to wear with my leggings.”
  3. Blue dungaree, “I’ve never owned a dungaree before so there is always a first time for everything.”
  4. Black ripped skinny jean, “I love black with all my heart, it matches with every color so it won’t be difficult to find a matching blouse/shirt.”
  5. High waisted ripped jean, “They are scarce, especially in my size (but here in SA) so if I don’t find one I will buy a high waisted plain jean and I will rip it myself.”
  6. Denim shirt, “I like denim-to-denim outfits.”
  7. Tulle tutu skirt.

  1. Black leather jacket.
  2. Sleeveless denim jacket.
  3. Lace red dress, “It will be the first red dress I own.”
  4. Black calve boots, “Years ago I once tried to find a pair but unfortunately I didn’t because of my thick calves but I think this time, Donna Claire will bail me out.”
  5. Any brown Louis Vuitton handbag.
  6. Cloak blazer.

  1. Mermaid skirt, “I imagine the skirt hugging my curves.”
  2. Brown/black fur gilet.
  3. African doek.

So thats it,I would love to know whats in your wishlist…make the comment box useful .



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