Plus-Size Women Are For Winter

We, plus size women are like any other women out there. We deserve respect, love and care.

This other day I posted a picture of a plus size women on this blog’s Instagram and this other guy commented, “Winter stock”. That comment made me angry and I deleted it. That comment made me realize that this issue is serious.

This guy on Facebook was like, “winter is coming, and I better get myself a BBW so that she can warm me up.” When I clicked on comments, a bunch of guys supported his idea and no one defended us.

Of course we, plus-size women are warm but that doesn’t mean we are ‘heaters’. The world would be a better place without men with that mindset.

I asked for people’s view on this topic and this is what I got:

  1. For men out there that are actually like this. Think about where your mind is right now, how mentally sick can you be to do that to someone? How sad is your life to even remotely think that is okay to do? I have a question for you, what would you do if someone did this to you? How would you feel? Don’t forget to think about other people’s feelings besides your own.
  2. When any guy proposes during winter I reject him and end up losing the serious one because I will be thinking that maybe he wants to use me.
  3. It’s really sickening hearing that from a person who was carried and brought to earth by a women.
  4. I just wish all men would realize that we plus-size women are same as the skinny ones. We have blood, flesh, heart and feelings and that we deserve respect.
  5. As a man I think its bull**** and that they are idiots.
  6. It’s annoying and other plus-size girls entertain them.

This issue has also created some philophobia (fear of love).When it comes to that, I think it’s good to firstly learn  about that person before indulging in a relationship and this issue shouldn’t keep you from finding love at any season because you don’t know when the right one will come. It makes me smile that there are men out there who are against this and think it’s idiotic. I’ve had an encounter where one of my former classmates told me that girls like me are interesting in winter and I just ignored him and looked away. Sometimes to deal with situations, you just have to keep quiet and don’t take it to heart. I think women/girls who entertain this, is because they think is some kind of compliment that they save the day and I hope one day they realize what actually men mean by that.

Thanks for taking your moment to read this post and kindly share your comment 🙂


2 thoughts on “Plus-Size Women Are For Winter

  1. AfroDaisy says:

    Wow, cudos to you for taking this topic out there. This is a sick & stupid mentality that really needs to be uprooted from our society, no woman should allow to be objectified and toyed with like this.

    By the way, i love the theme and background. Nice one! ❤❤😙😙

    Liked by 1 person

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