Struggle: Armchair

It’s frustrating to visit your relatives or a friend or a restaurant and find that they own ‘armchairs’. Gosh!, its really frustrating!.

 Back then I used to just keep quiet, sit with my curves sticking out and I didn’t feel comfortable at all because I only occupied quarter of the chair. Most of the time when I get to a restaurant people would give me weird looks but I choose to ignore them as always. Relatives would say that I should lose weight because now I don’t even fit on a chair (I wish I had an emoji to express that).


Well I understand that those chairs were designed for comfort because they have arm-rest and they are everywhere! but shoutout to my favorite restaurants  Nandos, Ocean Basket and McDonald for owning armless-chairs.  So nowadays when I visit a friend or relatives I ask for an armless-chair and what’s interesting is most of my relatives do have them but keep them in equipment storage, if they don’t have them I find a crate. I do feel like a burden sometimes by doing so but when am not comfortable am not comfortable.


I know am not alone on this one so kindly share your experience and how you deal with this situation.



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